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One lie draw ten after it.

One lie makes many.

One living pope is better than ten dead.

One may have good eyes and see nothing.

One never wept but another laughed.

One pair of ears would exhaust a hundred tongues.

One scabby sheep spoils a flock.

One should learn to sail in all winds.

One starts the hare, another catches it.

One who speaks fair words feeds you with an empty spoon.

One who walks in another's tracks leaves no footprints.

One who wants to keep their yard tidy does not reserve a plot for the weeds.

One with the courage to laugh is master of the world almost as much as the person ready to die.

One word brings on another.

One would not be alone in Paradise.

One's own spurs and another's horse make the miles short.

Open thy mouth that I may know thee.

Others' bread has seven crusts.

Others' bread is too salt.

Out of a great evil often comes a great good.

Out of a white egg often comes a black chick.

Out of debt, out of danger.

Paper does not blush.

Patience! said the wolf to the ass.

Pay beforehand was never well served.