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The dog that bites does not bark in vain.

The dog that has been beaten with a stick is afraid of its shadow.

The dog that is quarrelsome and not strong, woe to his hide.

The dog that licks ashes is not to be trusted with flour.

The dog that means to bite don't bark.

The dog that quits barking can get some sleep.

The eagle does not war against frogs.

The earth covers the errors of the physician.

The election of the abbot is not stopped for want of a monk.

The elephant does not feel a flea-bite.

The end of the corsair is to drown.

The end praises the work.

The eye is blind if the mind is absent.

The eye of the master fattens the horse.

The fear of war is worse than war itself.

The first at the mill grinds first.

The first dish pleases every one.

The flatterer's throat is an open sepulchre.

The fly that bites the tortoise breaks its beak.

The fool knows more in his own house than the sage in other men's.

The fortress that parleys soon surrenders.

The fox advised the others to cut off their tails, because he had left his own in the trap.

The fox said the grapes were sour.

The friendship of the great is fraternity with lions.

The frog cannot out of her bog.