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The fugitive finds everything impede him.

The full belly does not believe in hunger.

The full cask makes no noise.

The gardener's dog does not eat lettuce and will not let others eat it.

The golden key opens every door.

The good seaman is known in bad weather.

The good shepherd shears, not flays.

The good time comes but once.

The gown does not make the friar.

The hardest step is that over the threshold.

The healthy die first.

The heart does not think all the mouth says.

The house completed, possession defeated.

The injurer never forgets.

The Italianised Englishman is a devil incarnate.

The Italians are wise before the act, the Germans in the act, the French after the act.

The just man may sin with an open chest of gold before him.

The kick of a mare never hurt a colt.

The last comer shuts the door.

The later comer is ill lodged.

The lazy pig does not eat ripe pears.

The liar is not believed when he speaks the truth.

The light is painful to sore eyes.

The lion and the lamb shall lie down together, but the lamb won't get much sleep.

The lion had need of the mouse.