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The sun loses nothing by shining into a puddle.

The sun passes over filth and is not defiled.

The tail is always the hardest part to flay.

The talkers sows, the listener reaps.

The tender surgeon makes the wound gangrene.

The thief is frightened even by a mouse.

The thief's wife does not always laugh.

The tree is not felled at one blow.

The tree is not to be judged of by its bark.

The Trojans were wise too late.

The unfortunate know who are their real friends.

The venom is in the tail.

The virtue of parents is in itself a great legacy.

The virtue of silence is a great piece of knowledge.

The water breaks out where it is not expected.

The well-fed man does not believe in hunger.

The white coat does not make the miller.

The whole hog or none.

The whole ocean is made up of single drops.

The wicked even hate vice in others.

The wolf bemoans the sheep, and then eats it.

The wolf is always left out of the reckoning.

The wolf is always said to be bigger than he is.

The wolf is always said to be more terrible than he is.

The wolf is not always a wolf.