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The woman who gives is seldom good; the woman who accepts is in the power of the giver.

The world belongs to the phlegmatic.

The world is for him who has patience.

The world is governed with little brains.

The world is like a staircase; some go up, others go down.

The world wags on with three things: doing, undoing, and pretending.

The worst pig gets the best pear.

The worst pig often gets the best pear.

The wrong-doer never lacks excuses.

There are good and bad everywhere.

There are many roads to Rome.

There are more asses than carry sacks.

There are more thieves than gibbets.

There are more threatened than slain.

There are more ways to the wood than one.

There are no birds in last year's nest.

There are some who despise pride with a greater pride.

There are some who see ill, and would like to see worse.

There are tricks in all trades.

There are tricks in every trade.

There goes more than one ass to market.

There goes more to marriage than four bare legs in a bed.

There is a cause for all things.

There is little peace in that house where the hen crows and the cock is mute.

There is never a cry of "Wolf!" but the wolf is in the district.