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There is never enmity between the cook and the butler.

There is never enough where nought is left.

There is no appeal from time past.

There is no beard so well shaven but another barber will find something more to shave from it.

There is no dog, be he ever so wicked, but wags his tail.

There is no fool like a learned fool.

There is no getting blood from a turnip.

There is no helping him who will not be advised.

There is no making pancakes without breaking the eggs.

There is no need to bind up one's head before it is broken.

There is no use in saying, I will not go such a way, nor drink of such a water.

There is no worse fruit than that which never ripens.

There is no worse robber than a bad book.

There is no worse thief than a bad book.

There never was a shoe however handsome that did not become an ugly slipper.

There's no disputing about tastes.

There's no getting to heaven in a coach.

There's no great loss without some gain.

There's no making the ass drink when his is not thirsty.

There's no smoke with fire.

There's no thief like a bad book.

There's no turning a windmill with a pair of bellows.

There's none so blind as those who will not see.

They say, is a liar.

They who shun the smoke often fall into the fire.