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A proud pauper and a rich miser are contemptible beings.

A ragged coat finds little credit.

A ragged sack holds no grain, a poor man is not taken into counsel.

A rainy morn oft brings a pleasant day.

A rotting fish begins to stink at the head.

A runaway horse punishes himself.

A saddle fits more backs than one.

A sailor must have his eye trained to the rocks and sands as well as the north star.

A scalded dog thinks cold water hot.

A scorpion never stung me but I cured myself with its grease.

A secret imparted is no longer a secret.

A sheep's bite is never more than skip deep.

A short tail won't keep off flies.

A shut mouth catches no flies.

A sin concealed is half forgiven.

A sin confessed is half forgiven.

A slothful man never has time.

A solitary man is either a brute or an angel.

A starved town is soon forced to surrender.

A stick is soon found to beat a dog.

A stout heart overcomes ill fortune.

A thing done has a head. (The exultation of an ancient sculptor on his satisfactorily completing the head of his statue.)

A thing is never much talked of but there is some truth in it.

A thousand probabilities do not make one truth.

A threatened buffet is never well given.