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To fall out of the frying-pan into the fire.

To go safely through the world you must have the eye of a falcon, the ear of an ass, the face of an ape, the mouth of a pig, the shoulders of a camel, and the legs of a deer.

To have "Heard say" is half a lie.

To have eye one on the cat and another on the frying-pan.

To have luck needs little wit.

To him who can take what thou hast, give what he asks.

To him who gives you a pig you may well give a rasher.

To him who is determined it remains only to act.

To him who watches, everything reveals itself.

To know everything is to know nothing.

To make the cart go you must grease the wheels.

To preserve friendship one must build walls.

To promise and give nothing is comfort for a fool.

To protest and knock one's head against the wall is what everybody can do.

To the fallen tree, hatchets! hatchets!

To whom you tell your secret you surrender your freedom.

Translators, traitors.

Travel broadens the mind.

True love never grows old.

Trust was a good man; Trust-not was a better.

Two cocks in one yard do not agree.

Two dogs fight for a bone and a third runs away with it.

Two women and a goose make a market.

Unbending the bow does not cure the wound.

Unbending the bow does not heal the wound.