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Under white ashes there is glowing coal.

Until death there is no knowing what may befal.

Various are the roads to fame.

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.

Vetches seem bitter to the full-cropped pigeon.

Vexations, duly borne, Are but as trials, which heaven's love to man Sends for his good.

Wait time and place to take your revenge, for it is never well done in a hurry.

War begun, hell unchained.

Water after does not quench a fire at hand.

Water, smoke, and a vicious woman, drive men out of the house.

We learn by teaching.

Wealth conquered Rome after Rome had conquered the world.

Wealth is not his who makes it, but his who enjoys it.

What costs little is little esteemed.

What does not poison, fattens.

What has not been, may be.

What keeps out the cold keeps out the heat.

What will be, will be.

What you can't have, abuse.

When a dog runs away, hit him! hit him!

When a man has fallen into the mire, the more he flounders the more he fouls himself.

When a tree is falling, every one cries, down with it.

When everybody says you are drunk, go to sleep.

When fortune comes, open your doors.

When gold speaks every tongue is silent.