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When wine sinks, words swim.

When wise men play mad pranks they do it with a vengeance.

When woman reigns the devil governs.

When you see the wolf, do not look for his track.

When your devil was born, mine was going to school.

Where love is there the eye is.

Where remedies are needed, sighing avails not.

Where shall a man have a worse friend than he brings from home.

Where the devil cannot put his head he puts his tail.

Where the hedge is low every one will cross it.

Where the Pope is there is Rome.

Where the pupil is willing; the teachers will appear.

Where the ship goes the brig can go.

Where the skin of the lion does not suffice, we must join that of the fox.

Where there are no dogs the fox is a king.

Where there are too many cooks the soup will be too salty.

Where there is equality there never can be perfect love.

Where there is great love there is great pain.

Where there is least heart there is most tongue.

While there's life there's hope.

While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it.

Who accepts, sells himself.

Who builds on the mob builds on sand.

Who builds upon the people, builds upon sand.

Who buys hath need of eyes.