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Who has no head should have legs.

Who has no money in his purse must have honey in his mouth.

Who has no money must have no wishes.

Who has no plagues makes himself some.

Who has no shame all the world is his own.

Who has not is not.

Who has nothing is nothing.

Who has patience may get fat thrushes at a farthing apiece.

Who has patience sees his revenge.

Who has something is something.

Who has, is.

Who hath little shame the world is all his own.

Who hath no courage must have legs.

Who is born a fool is never cured.

Who is in fear of every leaf must not go into the wood.

Who is in the right fears, who is in the wrong hopes.

Who judges others, condemns himself.

Who keeps company with a wolf will learn to howl.

Who knows most, forgives most.

Who knows most, knows least.

Who knows not how to dissemble knows not how to reign.

Who knows not how to flatter knows not how to talk.

Who knows not how to pray let him go sail the sea.

Who knows not the game, let him not play.

Who laughs at others' ills, has his own behind the door.