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Willows are weak, yet serve to bind bigger wood.

Wise lads and old fools were never good for anything.

Wise men change their minds, fools never.

Wise men learn by other men's mistakes, fools by their own.

With art and knavery we live through half the year; with knavery and art we live through the other.

With the fox one must play the fox.

With the Gospel men may become heretics.

With the skin of the dog its bite is cured.

With wishing comes grieving.

Without debt without care.

Wolves don't eat wolves.

Wolves have howled at the moon for centuries, yet it is still there.

Woman (decides), impromptu; man, on reflection.

Women always speak the truth, but not the whole truth.

Women and hens are lost by too much gadding.

Women are wise impromptu, fools on reflection.

Women know a point more than the devil.

Women naturally deceive, weep and spin.

Women rouge that they may not blush.

Women's tears are a fountain of craft.

Women, asses, and nuts, require strong hands.

Women, priests, and poultry, never have enough.

Words are female, deeds are male.

Words are for women, actions for men.

Words won't feet cats.