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A tree often transplanted is never loaded with fruit.

A vagabond monk never spoke well of his convent.

A voluntary burthen is no burthen.

A volunteer is worth twenty pressed men.

A waiting appetite kindles many a spite.

A wise man and a fool together, know more than a wise man alone.

A wise man does at first what a fool must do at last.

A woman who loves to be at the window is like a bunch of grapes on the wayside.

A woman's answer is never to seek.

A woman's in pain, a woman's in woe, a woman is ill, when she likes to be so.

A woman's place is in the home.

A wound foreseen paint the less.

Absence is a foe to love; out of sight out of mind.

After one pope another is made.

After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.

Agree between yourselves (as to the time), quoth Arlotto, and I will make it rain.

All are brave when the enemy flies.

All are not saints who go to church.

All is not butter that comes from the cow.

All saints do not work miracles.

All ships leak: some amidships, some in the bows, some in the hold.

All tastes are tastes.

All that's fair must fade.

All the brains are not in one head.

All the fingers are not alike.