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Any water will put out fire.

Anyone who is satisfied to stand still should not complain when others pass him.

Appetite comes in eating.

Argus at home, a mole abroad.

Arms carry peace.

As both a good horse and a bad horse heed the spur, so both a good woman and a bad woman need the stick.

As demure as an old whore at a christening.

As is the lover so is the beloved.

As you would have a daughter so choose a wife.

Ask my chum if I am a thief.

Ask my companion if I be a thief.

Ask which was born first, the hen or the egg.

Asking costs little.

At a dangerous passage yield precedence.

At a good bargain pause and ponder.

At a great pennyworth pause awhile.

At a great river be the last to pass.

At a round table there is no dispute about place.

At an open chest the righteous sins.

At last the foxes all meet at the furrier's.

At table bashfulness is out of place.

At the end of the game we see who wins.

At the end of the game you'll see who's the winner.

At the end of the work you may judge of the workmen.

Bad grass does not make good hay.