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23 Kashmiri Proverbs

Agreement with two people, lamentation with three.

Eleven persons take eleven paths.

Empty vessels make much noise.

Giving advice to a stupid man is like giving salt to a squirrel.

I bought the nettle, sowed the nettle, and then the nettle stung me.

Ignorance is the peace of life.

No strength within, no respect without.

No sunshine but hath some shadow.

No sweet without sweat.

O daughter, I'm telling you. O daughter-in-law, listen to it.

One and one are sometimes eleven.

One man can burn water, whereas another cannot even burn oil.

One man cut the barrage, and a thousand people fell into the river.

One man's beard is on fire, and another man warms his hands on it.

One man's breath's another man's death.

Saving mustard seeds in hand, while a watermelon escapes.

Service is greatness.

The customers are known to the shopkeepers.

The danger past, and God forgotten.

The fall is nobody's sire.

The gardener had not yet dug out the radish, when the beggar held the alms-bowl in front of him.

When pumpkins are watered, brinjals [small plants] also get watered.

When rogues fallout, honest men come by their own.