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An old woman would dance!

An onion will not produce a rose.

An opportunity is found with difficulty and easily lost.

An ungrateful man is a tub full of holes.

An unguarded speech reveals the truth.

Anger is a transient madness.

Antiquity is entitled to respect.

Anxious about the shoe, but disregarding the foot. [Careful about external appearances, but regardless of the culture of the mind.]

Any man can steer in a calm.

Arms are of little service abroad unless directed by the wisdom of counsellors at home.

Arrogance is intolerable.

As a man has lived, so will he die.

As numerous as the leaves of the oak, or the waves which wash the island.

As the tree is known by its fruit, so is the wicked man by his deeds.

As to the juror or the witness, bribe both.

As to what is future, even a bird with a long neck cannot see it, but God only.

As you have arranged the thread so must you weave it.

Assistance given when it is not required, is as bad as an injury.

At once a good general and a stout soldier.

At the bar of one's own conscience.

Attempt nothing beyond your strength.

Avoid bawling in conversation or in play.

Avoid gambling.

Avoid strife with those in power.

Away with grieving, only fit for women.