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Bad beginnings lead to bad results.

Bad fowl, bad egg.

Bad head, bad heart.

Bad hen, bad egg.

Bad is want which is born of plenty.

Bashfulness will not avail a beggar.

Be angry with a murderer, but keep your compassion for his victim.

Be brave, not ferocious.

Be mine; I will be thine.

Be not unmindful of obligations conferred.

Be old betimes that thou may'st long be so.

Be old betimes, if you wish your old age to last.

Be old when young, if you would be young when old.

Be on your guard against a silent dog and still water.

Be what you appear to be. [Act up to the reputation which you enjoy.]

Be what you would seem to be.

Beads about the neck, and the devil in his heart.

Bear no malice.

Bear with others and you shall be borne with.

Bear won't bite bear.

Beautiful things are secured with most difficulty.

Being but a woman, raise not the sword. [Offer not assistance when you can be of no service.]

Being on sea, sail; being on land, settle.

Being warned, let us pursue a better course.

Believe him who speaks from experience.