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Cautious in small matters, careless in great.

Cease your jests, there is no joke in being ill-natured.

Choose a wife from among your equals.

Clodius impeaches the adulterers!

Close sits my shirt, but closer my skin.

Colewort twice cooked.

Compete not with a friend.

Confound those who have anticipated us in what we would have said!

Conscience betrays guilt.

Conscience is as a thousand witnesses.

Consider how long the winter will last.

Consideration gets as many victories as rashness loses.

Consideration is the parent of wisdom.

Consideration should be shown to a novice.

Constant dripping wears away the rock.

Constant dropping wears away a stone.

Contrasts mutually set off each other.

Conversation ministers to a mind diseased.

Conviviality reveals secrets.

Correct a wise man, and he will be grateful; correct a fool, and he will not only give a deaf ear, but send you off with a flea in your ear.

Court not companionship with tigers.

Courts grant not their favours as men are good and deserving.

Covet not the property of others.

Cowards win no laurels.

Cultivate not a barren soil.