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Cultivate the garden within.

Dead men do not bite.

Death brings to a level spades and sceptres.

Death cancels everything but truth.

Death defies the doctor.

Death is common to all.

Death is preferable.

Death is the great leveller.

Death snatches away the most deserving, and leaves the wicked.

Death to the wolf is life to the lambs.

Deeds not words are required.

Deliberate often--decide once.

Deliberate slowly, execute quickly.

Desire nothing that would bring disgrace.

Desire of glory is the last garment that even wise men put off.

Desires are nourished by delays.

Despise not the weak: the gnat stings the eyes of the lion.

Despise school and remain a fool.

Different men like different things.

Different pursuits suit different ages.

Different strokes for different folks.

Differing in words, not in reality. [A verbal, not an actual difference.]

Divide and rule. [Win by creating disunion among your adversaries.]

Do as I say, not as I do.

Do as you would be done unto.