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Either a ship or a tuft of feathers.

Either by might or by sleight.

Either Caesar, or nobody.

Either never attempt a thing or carry it out.

Eloquence avails nothing against the voice of gold.

Empty expressions. Bombast.

Empty pitchers ring loudest.

Empty the glass if you would judge of the drink.

Emulation begets emulation.

Emulation is the whetstone of talent.

Emulation is the whetstone of wit.

England is the paradise of women, the hell of horses, and the purgatory of servants.

England's difficulty is Ireland's opportunity.

Enjoying the fruits of the labour of others.

Enough, even to loathing.

Enter not at all, or else pass through.

Envy is the companion of glory.

Envy never has a holiday.

Envy no man.

Envy waits on boasting.

Even a boy can beat a man when bound.

Even a child may beat a man that's bound.

Even a fly can show temper.

Even a fool sometimes speaks to the purpose.

Even a hair hath its shadow.