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Even a hare will insult a dead lion.

Even a mangy camel will carry more that a herd of asses.

Even a straw becomes heavy, if you carry it far enough.

Even hares insult a dead lion.

Even Jupiter himself cannot be in love and wise at the same time.

Even light takes a decade to travel ten light-years.

Even the ant hath its anger.

Even the beggar envies the beggar.

Even the fear of death is dispelled by music.

Even the fountains thirst. [Avarice is never satisfied.]

Even the gods are conciliated by offerings.

Even the rustling of leaves will alarm the hare.

Even the smallest spark shines brightly in darkness.

Ever receive a present with approbation.

Every advantage has its disadvantage.

Every great thing only consists of many small particles united.

Every innovation startles us more by its novelty than it benefits us by its utility.

Every little blade of grass declares the presence of God.

Every lover is a slave: he follows captive at his mistress's heels.

Every man for himself.

Every man has his peculiar habit.

Every man judges of others by himself.

Every man rejoices in his peculiar study.

Every man who can blow a horn is not a huntsman.

Every man's sin falls on his own head.