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Every may-be hath a may-be not.

Every reproach against an accused man is contemptible.

Every sheet has parted. [Every hope has vanished.]

Every soil does not bear the same fruit.

Every stone conceals a lurking scorpion.

Every suitor is not a heart breaker.

Every virtue is but halfway between two vices.

Everybody has a name, but not always the same luck with it.

Everyone is eloquent in his own cause.

Everyone is given the key to the gates of Heaven. The same key opens the gates of Hell.

Everything beautiful is loveable.

Everything has its season.

Evils follow each other.

Excess in anything becomes a vice.

Excess of delight palls the appetite.

Excess of obligations may lose a friend.

Experience purchased by suffering teaches wisdom.

Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.

Explaining what is obscure by what is still more obscure. [Making confusion worse confounded.]

Fain would the cat fish eat, But she is loth to wet her feet.

False in one respect, never trustworthy.

Far from Jupiter, far from his thunder.

Fashion is more powerful than any tyrant.

Favours should never be forced upon others against their will.

Fear increasing age, for it does not come without companions.