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Fortunate is he whom the dangers of others have rendered cautious.

Fortune and the arts assist each other.

Fortune enriches or tramples on us at her will.

Fortune favors the bold but abandons the timid.

Fortune favours fools.

Fortune helps the brave.

Fortune smiles on the brave, and frowns upon the coward.

Fortune to one is mother, to another step-mother.

Fortune wearies with carrying one and the same man always.

Fraud lurks in loose generalities.

Friends become foes, and foes are reconciled.

Friends have all things in common.

Friendship lasts as long as the pot boils.

From a pure source pure water comes.

From a simple spark there will often be produced a great conflagration.

From one you may judge of the whole.

From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honours.

From small things a great heap is made.

From the miseries of others he fears for his own position.

From the old ox the young one learns to plough.

From trifling causes great results arise.

From what has taken place we infer what is about to happen.

Frugality is a great revenue.

Frugality is an estate alone.

Fruit ripens not well in the shade.