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Grow where you are planted.

Habit causes love.

Habit gives readiness.

Habit in sinning takes away the sense of sin.

Habit is second nature.

Had he not been visited by sickness, he would have perished utterly.

Happiness invites envy.

Happy are one-eyed men in the country of the blind.

Happy is the man who is out of debt.

Happy is the man whose father went to the devil.

Happy the man who keeps out of strife.

Happy's the wooing that is not long a-doing.

Hard by a river he digs a well.

Hard is the path from poverty to renown.

Hard things alone will not make a wall. [Some soft substance must unite them: and so with hard men--to fraternize they require some soft influence from others.]

Harsh is the voice which would dismiss us, but sweet is the sound of welcome.

Haste manages all things badly.

Haste trips up its own heels.

Hate knows no age but death.

Hatred is a settled anger.

Have a care how you irritate the wasps. [Meddle not with waspish people. Attack not a combined force.]

Have a care not to commence an undertaking of which you may repent.

Have a care of a silent dog and a still water.

Have confidence, but beware in whom.

Having achieved your purpose, seek not to undo what has been done.