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He is consumed by a vain hope.

He is full of sweet faults.

He is his own enemy.

He is his own trumpeter.

He is hunting for water in the sea.

He is indeed a conqueror who conquers himself.

He is looking out for a fig. [He is planning for himself.]

He is not happy who does not realize his happiness.

He is separated from the water by a plank.

He is the architect of his own fortunes.

He is the best gentleman, who is the son of his own deserts.

He is unworthy of life who gives no life to another.

He is wise in vain who does not use his wisdom for his own advantage.

He is wise to no purpose, who is not wise for himself.

He is wise, who suits himself to the occasion.

He keeps watch over a good castle who has guarded his own constitution.

He knows the roads by which he has escaped before.

He labors vainly, who endeavors to please every person.

He labours in vain who attempts to please everybody.

He makes a lion of a mouse.

He makes idle boasting.

He moistens the lips, but leaves the palate dry. [Trifling assistance, of little or no use. ]

He opens the theatre, and immediately closes it. [He raises expectation, and crushes it at the same time.]

He ploughs the land of others, and leaves his own untilled.

He prepares evil for himself who plots mischief for others.