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He puts up with small annoyances to gain great results.

He rises early that is hanged before noon.

He says what is wholly irrelevant.

He seeks renown by public applause.

He seeks to live like a parasite. [He wants to sponge upon somebody.]

He shaves close to the skin.

He should have a long spoon who sups with the devil.

He sings his own praises.

He spends the happiest life who knows nothing.

He suffers from the same disease. [He is in the same difficulty.]

He suffocates me with kindness.

He talks to a dead man.

He talks to the wind.

He tells a tale of a tub.

He tells me my way, and knows not his own.

He that flies may fight another day.

He that follows freits, freits will follow him.

He that gapeth until he be fed, Well may he gape until he is dead.

He that gives bad counsel suffers most by it.

He that gives time to resolve, gives time to deny, and warning to prevent.

He that has been hurt, fears.

He thinks nothing right, but what he does himself.

He took care to enjoy himself as long as life lasted. [N.B. A good epitaph for an alderman.]

He travels fastest who travels alone.

He unravels the enigmas of the Sphinx.