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He utters in his language something different from what he ponders in his mind.

He who blows his nose too hard makes it bleed.

He who cannot conceal his sentiments, knows not how to live.

He who cannot do what he wishes, must needs do as he can.

He who cannot even manage a yacht asks for a ship of burthen!

He who does not advance recedes.

He who does not fully speak the truth is a traitor to it.

He who does not speak the whole truth is a traitor to truth.

He who endures with patience is a conqueror.

He who envies his admits his inferiority.

He who fears every bramble should not go to the woods.

He who follows two hares loses both.

He who has come to the mill first does not grind last.

He who has once used deception will deceive again.

He who has plenty of pepper may season his food as he likes.

He who has received a kindness forgets it; he who has been injured remembers it. [To benefit one and injure another at the same time is a losing game, for revenge is a stronger feeling than gratitude.]

He who has tried it, is afraid of it.

He who hastens to be rich will not be without fault.

He who hastens too much stumbles and falls.

He who hath lost his good name how shall he in future gain his living.

He who hath much peas may put the more in the pot.

He who increases knowledge, increases sorrow.

He who is in love with himself need fear no rival.

He who knows not how to employ his leisure hath more cares on his mind than the most busy of busily-engaged men.

He who lies on the ground cannot fall.