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He who lives by medical treatment has but a wretched existence.

He who loves a one-eyed girl thinks that one-eyed girls are beautiful.

He who makes too much haste gains his end later.

He who owes nothing fears not the sheriff's officer.

He who oweth is all in the wrong.

He who paints the flower cannot paint its fragrance.

He who spares the rod hates his son.

He who takes it to himself, he it is who has done the act.

He who waits till an opportunity occurs may wait for ever.

He who would catch is caught.

He who would speak well should well consider his subject beforehand.

He will die before he's old who's wise before his time.

He will embark in litigation, even if a donkey has bitten his dog.

He won't give us so much as the skin.

He writes with an iron pen. [That which he writes will not be easily altered.]

He'd skin a louse, and send the hide and fat to market.

He, who denies his faults, makes no atonement for them.

He, who neglects the little, loses the greater.

He, who shareth honey with the bear, hath the least part of it.

Hear all, say nothing.

Hear all, see all, say nowt, tak' all, keep all, gie nowt, and if tha ever does owt for nowt do it for thysen.

Hear both sides of a question.

Hear, see, and be silent.

Hearing he hears not. He is deaf to entreaty. [Aliter., To feign deafness.]

Help by actions, not by words.