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Help him who is willing to work, not him who shrinks from it.

Hercules himself could not cope with two assailants.

Hidden valour is as bad as cowardice.

Him whom Jove would destroy he first deprives of his reason. [Arrogant, insolent, and vainglorious people work out their own ruin.]

His heart fell down to his heels.

His illness is more mental than bodily.

His presents conceal a baited hook.

His tongue says little, but powerful is his right arm.

His wit got wings and would have flown, But poverty still kept him down.

History repeats itself.

Hitherto I gave you credit for having horns. [I gave you credit for not being wanting in courage.]

Holyday time will not last forever.

Home is home though it's never so homely.

Home is home, as the Devil said when he found himself in the Court of Session.

Home is home, be it ever so humble.

Honesty with poverty is better than ill-gotten wealth.

Honey catches more flies than vinegar.

Honey catches most flies.

Honey cloys.

Honey-tongued, soft spoken, malicious, and unprincipled in conduct.

Honour's onerous.

Honourable words by the bushel!

Hope gives strength and courage, and saves an otherwise dying man from his grave.

Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.

Hope is our only comfort in adversity.