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Hope supports men in distress.

Hope sustains the farmer.

Hopes delayed hang the heart upon tenter-hooks.

How changed from what he was!

How great the sufferings we endure.

How many accidents keep human life a rolling.

How much do we resemble that filthy brute the ape!

How near to guilt without actual guilt.

How quickly with all is a kindness forgotten!

How to live happily, not luxuriously, is the question.

How you come by it no one asks; but wealth you must have.

However extravagant men's desires, they hope to see them gratified.

Hunger and delay raise up anger.

Hunger and thirst scarcely kill any, But gluttony and drink kill a great many.

Hunger sharpens anger.

Hunger sweetens everything but itself.

Hunger teaches us many a lesson.

Hypocritical piety is double iniquity.

I am in a fix. [In a place where three ways meet.]

I am in a place where three ways meet.

I am less concerned about them than about the croaking frogs in the marsh.

I am recommending you to do what I should do myself.

I am touched but not broken by the waves.

I am what you will be, I was what you now are.

I am willing but unable.