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I bear the laurel-branch.

I beggar is not favoured even by his relations.

I came, I saw, I won.

I cannot get on with you, or without you.

I have lost my labour and my cost.

I have washed my hands of it.

I kill the boars, but another eats the flesh.

I know Simon, and Simon knows me. [A couple of rogues.]

I prefer death to disgrace.

I regret that I have given what I have.

I shall paint you in your own colours. [Take you according to your own showing.]

I simply state what I have heard.

I speak of garlic, you reply about onions. [I speak of one thing, you reply what is wholly irrelevant.]

I wince to win.

I wish I were at home. [Oh! that I were out of this mess and in safety.]

I would not purchase it at the price of a rotten nut.

I would rather be in an apple-tree, than a bad man in distress.

I would rather buy than beg.

Idleness is ever the root of indecision.

If a man falls in love with a frog, he thinks his frog a very Diana.

If all men were on an equality, the consequence would be that all must perish: for who would till the ground? who would sow it? Who would plant? who would press wine?.

If being well bearded brings happiness. a he-goat must be happier than any of us.

If better were within, better would come out.

If doctors fail thee, be these three thy doctors--Rest, cheerfulness, and moderate diet.

If flesh is not to be had, fish must content us.