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In times of peace we should think of war.

In vain does a man possess property if he makes no use of it.

In vain the net is spread in the sight of the bird.

Indulge not in boisterous mirth.

Injuries destroy affection.

Injuries put us on our guard.

Injuries, when treated with contempt, vanish and have no effect. If you show anger their effect would appear to be acknowledged.

Instead of a fish he gives you a scorpion.

Instead of a treasure, coals! ["'Rum,' I hopes! 'Baccy,' I thinks! 'Tracts,' by jingo!" Sailor's remark on discovering that he had picked up a bottle of tracts.]

Interfere not in the quarrels of others.

Into every life a little rain must fall.

Into the mouth of a bad dog falls many a good bone.

It does not fall to the lot of all to smell of musk.

It doubles the value of a gift to be well-timed.

It early pricks that will he a thorn.

It flies at our approach but follows us as we retire. [A Shadow, Glory, or Love.]

It flies gently, but wounds deeply. [Slander.]

It hangs by a hair.

It has become a proverb.

It has caused injury and will do so again.

It is a bad action that success cannot justify.

It is a bad bargain, where both are losers.

It is a disgrace to be praised by those who deserve no praise.

It is a foul bird that fills his own nest.

It is a fraud to connive at a fraud.