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Jouk and let the jaw go by.

Jove but laughs at lover's perjury.

Judge of the daughter by the mother.

Judge of the statue of Hercules by the size of the foot.

Jupiter himself cannot please everybody.

Justice is exercised in the proper prevention, rather than in the severe punishment, of crime.

Keep adding little by little and you will soon have a big hoard.

Keep quiet and people will think you a philosopher.

Keep the common road, and thou'rt safe.

Keep your eye upon the goal.

Keep your own counsel.

Keep your own fish guts for your own sea maws.

Keep your own fish-guts for your own sea-maws.

Kings have many ears and many eyes too.

Kings learn wisdom from associating with wise men.

Kings love the treason, but not the traitor.

Know you not that kings have long arms?

Labour conquers all things.

Late hours and love and wine lead not to moderation in anything.

Late repentance is rarely sincere.

Laugh with those that laugh.

Laugh, if you are wise.

Laughter abounds in the mouths of fools.

Learning has sour roots, but pleasant fruits.

Leave not your staff at home.