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Length of time rots a stone.

Less malevolence, or more power to exercise it.

Less of your courtesy, and more of your purse.

Let each man do his best.

Let every man have his due.

Let him bear the prize, who has deserved it.

Let him take the oars who has learned to row.

Let him that earns the bread eat it.

Let it be given to the most meritorious.

Let it be well recorded that a harlot is a gate which leads to death.

Let it go for what it is worth.

Let no man be the servant of another, who can be his own master.

Let no man refuse to endure that which is common to the lot of all.

Let not your right hand know what your left hand doeth.

Let not your sword be drawn at any man's bidding.

Let the buyer be on his guard.

Let the buyer beware.

Let the devil never find you unoccupied.

Let the ignorant learn, and the learned delight in refreshing the memory.

Let them hate, so that they fear me.

Let them laugh that win.

Let there be no delay.

Let us be judged of by our actions.

Let us go, where fate directs us.

Liberal enough of another man's leather.