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Lovers are madmen.

Lust of power is the strongest of all passions.

Mad drunkenness discloses every secret.

Make a virtue of necessity. [Claim credit for compulsory rectitude.]

Make every bargain clear and plain, that none may afterwards complain.

Make haste slowly.

Make hay when the sun shines.

Make too much haste and pay the penalty.

Make your experiment on a worthless subject.

Man and woman, fire and chaff.

Man is himself the author of every sorrow he endures.

Man is to man a wolf, man is to man a demon.

Man's life is a sojourn in a strange land.

Man's life's a vapor, and full of woes; he cuts a caper, and down he goes.

Many an injury comes from a fool's speech.

Many annoyances surround an aged man.

Many asses have only two legs.

Many can drive an ox; few can plough.

Many can drive oxen, few can plough.

Many fall by the sword, but more from gluttony.

Many promises impair confidence.

Many will hate you if you love yourself.

Many words, little credit.

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.

Marriage is a lottery.