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Nothing dries up more quickly than a tear.

Nothing is grievous which necessity enjoins.

Nothing is more foolish than to dabble in too many things.

Nothing is more humiliating than when a reproach recoils on the head or him who utters it.

Nothing prevails against wealth.

Nothing, however small, is to be irritated.

Nourish not a lion's whelp.

Nourish the whelps of a wolf!

Novelty always appears handsome.

Now a layman, to-morrow a clerk.

Now I have got a ewe and a lamb, Every one cries, "Welcome, Peter."

Now it rains, and again the sun shines forth brightly in the heavens.

Now my resources are reduced to a narrow compass.

O ancient house, by what a different master are you presided over!

Obedience is the mother of happiness.

Obey orders, if you break owners.

Observe decorum even in your sport.

Obstinately to justify a fault is a second fault.

Of no sort of good to himself, or to anybody else.

Of no worldly good can the joy be perfect, unless it is shared by a friend.

Of two evils the least is always to be chosen.

Offer not the right hand of friendship to every one.

Office tests the man.

Often there is eloquence in a silent look.

Oil and truth will get uppermost at last.