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Pleasure often comes from pain.

Ponder long before you act.

Pondering over many things by night.

Poor though in the midst of wealth.

Potter envies potter, and smith smith.

Poverty is death in another form.

Poverty is no disgrace, but it's a great inconvenience.

Poverty makes a man mean.

Poverty shows us who are our friends and who our enemies.

Poverty trieth friends.

Power is strengthened by union.

Practice is better than theory.

Precepts invite, but examples drag us to conclusions.

Precepts may lead, but examples draw.

Presents from an enemy must be received with suspicion.

Presents more burdensome than profitable.

Preserve the guns, but destroy the gunners.

Presumption first blinds a man, and then sets him a running.

Promises must not fill the place of gifts.

Promises, like pie crust, are made to be broken.

Property is robbery.

Providence assists not the idle.

Providence crushes pride.

Providence has not entirely deserted us.

Providence is always on the side of the big battalions.