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Providence is better than a rent.

Providence may delay, but punishment will come at length.

Providence our herald, no barrier can oppose us.

Providence provides but short horns for the fierce ox.

Providence tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.

Providential aid at a critical moment.

Prudence and strength combined.

Prudence availeth more than strength.

Prudence is the charioteer of all virtues.

Prying with sidelong glance into other people's business. [A busy-body.]

Puffed goods are putrid.

Punishment awaits all offences.

Punishment awaits crime.

Pursue that course which offers most advantages, habit will soon make it agreeable and easy.

Quarrels enhance the pleasures of love.

Quick enough, if safe enough.

Quickly come, quickly go.

Quietly, if you can; if not, by any means.

Rare is agreement between beauty and modesty.

Re-open not a wound once healed.

Ready money is ready medicine.

Real wealth consists not in having, but in not wanting.

Rear dogs and wolves' cubs to rend you.

Reason is absent, when impulse rules.

Rejoice with those that do rejoice.