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Relationship produces envy.

Religion must be taught, not forced.

Renown is denied to the living.

Respect is greater from a distance.

Revenge is a confession of pain.

Revenge is a dish that can be eaten cold.

Revere your parents.

Revolutions are not made with rose water.

Reward not a sleeping pilot.

Rich for yourself, poor for your friends.

Riches fall not always to the lot of the most deserving.

Rumour grows easily enough, but is not easily silenced.

Safely housed to listen to the storm outside. [To contemplate danger from a safe place.]

Satiety has killed more men than hunger.

Satires run faster than panegyrics.

Scarce things are prized.

Science is unlimited in its course; life is short.

See that in avoiding cinders you step not on burning coals.

Seek a wife in your own sphere.

Seek not the luxuries of life lest you reap sorrow.

Seek not the rose which is once lost.

Self praise is odious.

Self-love is a mote in every man's eye.

Self-praise is no recommendation.

Servants differ as their masters.