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Seven hours of sleep is enough for the young and the aged.

She is not a modest woman whom common report condemns.

Shirk work and you will want bread.

Shit floats to the top.

Shit rolls downhill.

Short cuts are long ways round.

Showy clothes attract most.

Shrouds have no pockets.

Sickness shows us what we are.

Silence is the greatest ornament in a woman.

Silence is the voice of complicity.

Silence is wisdom and gets a man friends.

Silence means consent.

Sincerity gives wings to power.

Sing before breakfast, cry before night.

Sing not of triumph before the victory.

Skill will enable us to succeed in that which sheer force could not accomplish.

Sleep is all important.

Sleep not in time of peril.

Small favours conciliate, but great gifts make enemies.

Small things have their own peculiar charm.

So ends all earthly glory.

Soft speeches injure not the mouth of the speaker.

Some small spark may yet by chance lie hidden.

Some sow, others read.