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Some things are better praised by silence than by remark.

Sooner could you hide an elephant under your armpit.

Sooner shall earth mount to heaven.

Sooner will a beetle make honey.

Sooner will the tamarisk bear apples.

Sooner will the wolf take the sheep for a wife.

Sorrow and ill weather come unsent for.

Sorrow brings on premature old age.

Sorrow dwells on the confines of pleasure.

Sorrow follows pleasure.

Sorrows come uninvited.

Sour grapes will ne'er make sweet wine.

Speak not against the dead.

Speaking, though speechless, it exercises dominion over the mind. [The power of music.]

Speech both conceals and reveals the thoughts of men.

Spendthrifts are always of necessity greedy and covetous.

Spring succeeds to winter.

Spur not a free horse to death.

Stagnant waters putrefy.

Stand away from a horse's heels.

Stolen waters are the sweetest.

Stone dead hath no fellow.

Straitened circumstances.

Strange sins, strange punishments.

Strike me a light, and I'll light you.