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The credit got by a lie lasts only till the truth comes out.

The crow is a pretty bird when the jackdaw is not present.

The dead are the best counsellors.

The diseases of the mind are either caused or cured by the power of music.

The doctor is to be feared more than the disease.

The early morn favours study.

The evil is lessened when it is seen beforehand.

The excess of mirth leads to tears.

The face is the index to the mind.

The face is the portrait of the mind; the eyes, its informers.

The faded rose No suitor knows.

The Fates will not permit it.

The favour of the great is not lasting.

The fear of death is worse than death itself.

The field should be poorer than the farmer. [It is useless for a man to attempt farming without capital.]

The fish requires salt! [Derisively, the sea abounding with salt.]

The fool would teach the learned!

The force of anger is broken by a soft answer.

The force which a body at rest exercises on a body in motion impinging upon it. [Stolid immobility or masterly inactivity.]

The fox loves cunning, the wolf covets the lamb, and a woman longs for praise.

The fox may grow gray, but never good.

The gifts of fortune (windfalls) do not always benefit us.

The girl is more inviting who smells of wild thyme than she who smells of musk.

The gladiator seeks advice, when in the very lists.

The gnat trusting itself to the flame is singed.