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A service done to the unwilling is no service.

A sick mind cannot endure any harshness.

A silent woman is always more admired than a noisy one.

A slave yesterday, to-day a freedman.

A slice off a cut loaf isn't missed.

A small competence is best.

A small gift, but well-timed.

A snake lies concealed in the grass.

A soft answer bids a Furioso to put up his sword.

A soft-spoken compliment is honied poison.

A store-house of evil is a woman if she is depraved.

A strong remedy for evils is ignorance of them.

A surgeon tries his experiments on the heads of orphans.

A suspicious mind sees everything on the dark side.

A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly.

A sword anointed with honey.

A sword of lead in a scabbard of ivory.

A tree often transplanted does not thrive.

A trifling pledge of no small friendship.

A triple rope is not easily broken.

A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

A troubled heart is a worm to the bones.

A useless pitcher does not get broken.

A want of pence stops all your marketing.

A weak foundation destroys the work.