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The old monkey is caught last.

The old parrot does not mind the stick.

The owl has one note, the crow another.

The owl sings to the nightingale.

The ox in a strange stall often casts a longing look towards the door.

The ox when most weary is most surefooted.

The parrot utters one cry, the quail another.

The passing hour is sometimes a mother, sometimes a stepmother.

The penalty attaching to evil deeds should be thought of in time.

The people want to be deceived.

The pig prefers mud to clean water.

The plan executed, reason comes to our assistance!

The pleasures of love are enhanced by injuries.

The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor.

The pleasures we enjoy are lost by coveting more.

The position in which we were before the war.

The post of honor is the post of danger.

The prolonged visit of no guest is pleasant.

The provoking pertinacity of a fly.

The quoit attracts them more than philosophy.

The rabble is not influenced by reason, but blind impulse.

The rabble, as of old, truckles to success, and hates a favourite in disgrace.

The race is not always to the swift.

The rack can extort a false confession from the innocent.

The rat betrayed by his own track perishes.