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The razor against the grindstone.

The real nettle will sting early.

The real world is a special case.

The remembrance of past pleasures adds to present sorrows.

The reserve are engaged.

The revenge of an idiot is without mercy.

The reward of a thing rightly done is to have done it.

The reward of silence is certain.

The Roman conquered by delay. [Fabius Cunctator.]

The rough manners of the vulgar are contagious.

The sacrifice of an ox will not bring us all we want.

The same failings attach not to all.

The shadow for the substance.

The shirt is nearer than the coat.

The silence resulting from absence has destroyed many a friendship.

The silver is become dross.

The skin of a lion covering some mongrel beast.

The smoke of our own country is brighter than fire abroad.

The sow has been greeted with music.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The swans will not sing till the jackdaws are quiet.

The swift are overtaken by the slow.

The tale is marred in the telling.

The tears of an heir are laughter under a mask.

The test of merit is success.