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There is no good but contains some evil; no evil but contains some good.

There is no remedy against the bite of a secret slanderer.

There is no way to make money so certain as to save what you have.

There is no wheat without chaff.

There is no wise response to a foolish remark.

There is nothing more telling than wit.

There is nothing so intolerable as a fortunate fool.

There is nothing to be gained by buying inferior goods.

There's death in the pot.

They attend a funeral robed in white, and a wedding in mourning.

They build houses but shall not inhabit them.

They can do least who boast loudest.

They cease to be friends who dwell afar off.

They fight with tweezers, not swords.

They fought with varying success.

They found no fault with Time, save that he fled.

They give, to find a pretext for asking.

They laugh till they cry.

They limit their expenditure where it is not needed, and are ever lavish of that of which they should be sparing.

They look at the greens, but steal the bacon.

They marry under bad auspices who marry in the month of May.

They understand each other, like thieves at a fair.

They who are thirsty drink in silence.

Thief knows thief, and wolf knows wolf.

Thieves dread a commotion.