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Things beyond our reach are not worth our consideration.

Things coming from afar are most esteemed.

Things hardly attained are the longer retained.

Things hatched in discord are not speedily terminated.

Things past cannot be recalled.

Things rumoured lessen in importance as they assume reality.

Think first and speak afterwards.

Think late, suffer soon.

This grief will prove a blessing.

Those who are conscious of their own iniquity, suspect others.

Those who are nourished by hope live ever in suspense, and enjoy not life.

Those who are once found to be bad are presumed to be so for ever.

Those who attack, though they die in the attempt.

Those who do a thing are consenting parties.

Those who see the faults of others, and see not their own, are wise for others and fools for themselves.

Though living, dead for all useful purposes.

Though malice may darken truth, it cannot put it out.

Though physician to others, yet himself full of sores.

Three women will make as much noise as a market.

Through dangers to distinction.

Thus years glide by.

Tide and time wait for no man.

Time flies with hasty step.

Time flies.

Time has a forelock, but is bald behind.