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To win a war quickly takes long preparation.

To-morrow is the pupil of to-day.

To-morrow we will credit it, not to-day.

Too late do I take up the shield after the wound.

Too late for the fair.

Too much care does more harm than good.

Too much care may be as bad as downright negligence.

Too much consulting confounds.

Too much of a thing nauseates.

Too much wine will make a sane man mad.

Treachery will eventually betray itself; though wary enough at first.

Treat everything of this world as mere vanity.

Treat your friends as if hereafter they will become your enemies, and your enemies as if they will become your friends.

Trifles often lead to serious results.

Trifling at an end, now let us go to the point.

Troy is a thing of the past.

True friends are tested in adversity.

Trust no one, until you have eaten a peck of salt with him.

Trust not a sword in the hands of a boy.

Trust not a woman, even when dead. [She may feign death.]

Trust not your all in one ship.

Truth becomes lost in the turmoil of arguments.

Truth conquers all things.

Truth is great and will prevail.

Truth is violated by a lie or by silence.