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Truth lies at the bottom of a well.

Try to deserve the reputation you enjoy.

Turn it inside and out.

Turn of phrase.

Two eyes can see more than one.

Unable to keep yourself, you are keeping dogs.

Unaccustomed to wear them, he displays the breeches he has on to every one he meets.

Under the rose. [That which is said sub rosa is not intended to be repeated.]

Unequalled in the smallest matters.

Unless what we do is useful, glory is vain.

Urge the horse close to the turning-post. [Don't let him run side; keep to the point in question.]

Use not coercive measures against those in authority.

Valour acquires strength by union.

Valour even in an enemy is worthy of praise.

Vengeance is slow, but stern.

Venture a small fish to catch a great one.

Vice is nourished by concealment.

Vices creep into our hearts under the name of virtue.

Viper produces viper.

Virtue and valour rejoice in being put to the test.

Virtue our leader, fortune our companion.

Virtue, which parleys, is near a surrender.

Walk on your own lands.

Walk softly but carry a big stick.

Want all lose all.