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War appears pleasant to those who have never experienced it.

War gives no opportunity for repeating a mistake.

We all refer to that of which we know most.

We are born; we die.

We are not disposed to study much after heavy meals.

We are the authors of our own disasters.

We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet.

We become wiser as we grow older.

We benefit by affliction.

We can accustom ourselves to anything.

We can enjoy nothing without some one to share the pleasure.

We conquer and are conquered in our turn.

We covet not that of the existence of which we are ignorant.

We easily believe that which we hope for.

We easily give advice to others.

We expiate in old age the follies of our youth.

We find much ingratitude, and create more.

We give and take in turn.

We hate the man whom we have wronged.

We hate whom we have injured.

We have all been fools in our time.

We judge of the present from the past. [The boy and the wolf.]

We learn the value of things more in their loss than in their enjoyment.

We lessen our wants by lessening our desires.

We live more by fashion than common sense.